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About Us

Welcome. We have been in business since 1996.
How we came up with the Name?
We had a barbecue on military housing with friends. When we asked people at the barbecue what they thought about a name for the company we got a couple responses from 2 women. Both responses were the same " Dont ask me it's HIS job" pointing to thier husbands. All present being military pointed out that fact that its "His job" and suggested using the acronym "HIS" so we started brainstorming that idea. First was obvious H = Hawaiian, second was S = Shine and Last I = Island. Then we knew we had a great marketable name.
How we came to be? Eric and I used to play poker together in a regular payday poker game between friends on military housing. Eric had started the company so he would talk about it during the game. I was very interested in it, I believed he had a good idea. We spent months talking about it, dreaming about what would make it a success. After about 6 months he approached me and told me his wife had recieved orders to go to Texas and since i had so much interest in the company would I be interested in buying him out. I was all for the idea. He wanted $1500. I agreed. At that point he had 12 items.
Within a few years I had landed accounts with Kmart, Walmart, Daie and NEX for Hawaii only stores. Those relationships went well for about 10-15 years. I had handed hawaii over to a distributor and he went out of business approx 2012. We lost all the major store outlets and had to start over. I started selling out of a kiosk at Shopping Malls, first Windward Mall then Pearlridge Mall. I finally got a Store location in 2017. Finally Hawaiian Island Shine Inc had a "Home" 99-185 Moanulua RD. Aiea HI 96701. 
In 2018 we landed an account with a National Distributor: Racer Direct. They will be commencing a Grassroots Marketing campaign. 
We sell our products nation-wide now and have sold to 6 coutries so far. We are growing. The line is set-up to cater to Show-Cars and Racing events car enthusiasts love our products. Easy to use for a fair price. 

We also operate a Store. Address: 99-185 Moanulua RD. #100A, Aiea HI. 96701.
Drop bt with any questions about car care.
Doug (P)
Open 10:00AM-6:00PM Mon-Sat and 12:00-4:00 on Sunday.
Call anytime with Car Care questions: 808-381-4683

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Tel: 808-381-4683

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Hawaiian Island Shine Inc.
99-185 Moanulua RD. #100A
Aiea HI. 96701

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Orders are shipped out of Florida with-in 1-3 business days