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Hawaiian Island Shine

  • Spray Wash 23oz

    Spray Wash is basically a lubricant that dries. Can be used on vehicles with light dust, will not scratch. Should be used with all our clay products as the lubricant. Outstanding Glass Cleaner. ...

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  • Wax Creme is a Synthetic Wax meant for use on dark colors. It lays down a Thick coat of wax that gives the paint a look of depth which is most appreciated on darker colors. Contains no cleaners so it can be layered with Carnuaba wax (Diamond Shine) ussually on show cars to present a look of "Adding Clearcoat" Lasts about 3 months. easy to apply and remove. Recommend using our Micrifiber Wax App and towels for that showcar result.

    Wax Creme 16oz

    Product Description: Wax Creme is a Synthetic wax with no cleaners made for Dark colored vehicles. Wax Creme will give your paint a look of Depth wich is most appreciated on darker colored paint...

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