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Clay 100g (2 x 50g Bars) Fine Grade

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Fine Grade Clay Bars (2 X 50g). Clay is the ultimate Polish. Clay cleans off all surface contaminates from paint. We do recommend you always use our Spray wash since we know how it works with it. If you choose to use another lubricant don't expect the same results you would get with our Spray wash. That might sound a little rude but there are literally hundreds of ways to lubricate a clay Bar and most of them may be cheaper but not better. Trust me on this one.


Directions: Wash vehicle first Use our Spray Wash first, Rub the clay lightly, it doesn't take much pressure just rub lightly. Dont go light with the Spray wash, The surface must be lubricated properly for the clay bar to remove all the contaminates. Be patient and in the end when you touch the surface with the tips of your fingers it should be noticably smooth.


Detailers Tip: For Show-Cars Claying is a must. Such an easy process to get superior results. Remember our Clay, our Spray Wash.