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Clay Products

Claying you vehicle should be done Annually, Clay is the ultimate Polish.


Clay Bars (2 x 50 gram bars)

Clay Mitt

Clay Towel

  • Clay is Fine Cut, 2 X 50G Bars. Use our Spraywash or Morning Mist for the Lubricant. Use light even pressure thourally over complete body for a finish nothing else will give  other than Clay. Store in Clamshell provided. Provides over 20 applications. We recommend our Cherry Wet Wax or our Premium Blended Paste Wax to seal after Claying your vehicle

    Clay 100g (2 x 50g Bars) Fine Grade

    Fine Grade Clay Bars (2 X 50g). Clay is the ultimate Polish. Clay cleans off all surface contaminates from paint. We do recommend you always use our Spray wash since we know how it works with it. If you choose to use another lubricant don't expect the...

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  • Clay Mitt (8 inch)  Medium Grade Most common grade. Use our Spray Wash for the lubricant. If dropped just rinse off with water. Will Clay over 20 cars.

    Clay Mitt 8in (Fine Grade)

    Clay Mitt is a fine grade Clay like material on a very soft towel ensuring easy use and no scarring that removes surface contaminates from paint. Always use our Spray Wash as the lubricant. Using the Mitt is an easy way to get around all the small body...

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