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Diamond Shine 8oz

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Easy on, easier off. 2 month protection.

Provides a crisp glass-like finish most appreciated on lighter colors, Pearls and Metalic's. Great for new cars. Diamond shine's actual secret quality is its ability to reflect sunlight/light in a crisp clean glasslike brilliance. Intended for use on cars with clearcoat intact, less than 5 years old. Recommend apply by hand. Showcar owners use this wax as a finishing coat prior to the show. Diamond Shine contains no cleaners so you can build it up as much as you like without creating that foggy look in the clearcoat you get when using cleaner waxes.


Detailers Tip: Show car guy secret is a term called "Layering Wax" which is alternating the two types of waxes Synthetic (Wax Creme)/Carnuaba (Diamond Shine) by waxing with Diamond Shine then with Wax Creme. You can do this with our waxes because our waxes do not contain cleaners. If you do this with cleaner waxes you may end up with a foggy look in the cleacoat.