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Micro-Fiber Drying Towel

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3.5 Sq Ft Drying Towel in plastic case.


This single drying towel is the perfect companion for your automotive detailing kit. Packaged in a reusable tube, this product will last many years. It comes in a huge 3.6 square foot size, so you can be confident that a single towel will get the job done. This towel will dry your car like a chamois would at a fraction of the cost and with increased durability. Our Drying towel is a towel made of a hyper absorbent, sponge-like material that absorbs five times its weight in water. It is made of a reinforced mesh construct that increases strength and durability without losing its pliability. Unlike real chamois, this product is unharmed by oil and grease residues, increasing its life versus natural chamois. Care instructions: Machine wash in cold water and mild detergent. Do not machine dry. Simply wring out excess water and store damp in reusable plastic tube. If towel becomes dry, simply get it wet and it is ready to use again. Our synthetic PVA material itself will not scratch surfaces, but it may attract and trap particles that could cause abrasion or scratching, so it is recommended to frequently rinse the product.