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Mudd be Gone

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Mudd Be Gone for the Dirt Racing Community.

Does not "Stink" Smells like "Candy"

This product was designed to fill a need in the dirt racing community. Keeps Mudd, Dirt, Oil, Rubber and Exhaust Residue from sticking to body panels. Safe for metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and painted surfaces. 32 ounces makes one gallon of "Ready to use" Mudd be Gone.

Directions: Mix Quart of Mud B Gone with 3 quarts of water and shake well. Then pour Ready to use formula into a Spray Bottle to spray on your favorite Dirt Track vehicle. No wiping needed. When your done racing the Mudd will wash off easily. Re-Apply prior to every race. Do not wipe on.

Use on AVT, Side by Side, Motorcycle, Mudd Boggier, Tractor, 4 X4 Truck and any other vehicle you regularly use in the Mudd.

Detailers Tip: Use our Ceramic Spray first periodically for even better results.