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Polish 16oz

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Polish should be used every 12 months to remove surface imperfections and to prepare surface for wax. 2 month protection. Contains no abrasives. Removes light scratches. Once your Vehicle gets to be about three years old its a good Idea to polish the paint by hand or machine once a year, at the 5 year point by hand is good but by buffer is even better. Polish is for the person that demands perfection, the true enthusiast.


Directions: Wash vehicle then Dry. Use a cotton wax applicator, wet it then wring it out as dry as you can. squeeze about a quarters worth of polish on applicator then rub in untill it starts to dry. Then let dry and remove with our mocro-fiber towels. We recommend our Cherry wet wax afterwards for a long term sealant.


Detailers Tip: When buffing set buffer to about 1600 RPM (Woolpad) , then about 1800 for the sealant and wax (foampad)