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Polishing is the act of Cleaning. On paint you should "Polish" once a year after the vehicle is about 3 years old. This is the preperation for a Sealant.

Rims (Polished Aluminum) should be polished twice a year.

Chrome & Glass should be polished 3 times a year.

Deoxidizer is a serious Cleaner/Wax, in essence: "A Polish" 

Clay is the "Ultimate Polish" See Clay catagory


  • Cutting Polish. Removes 1500 grit sand paper marks.

    Cutter Polish 16oz

    Cutter is a finishing compound. Will remove Web-like scratches. Will remove 1500 grit sandpaper scratches   Apply with buffer first with a wool pad (Cutting Pad) at about 1500-1600 RPM then with a foam pad at about 1800-2200 RPM Next Step is...

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  • Metal Polish
Finishing Polish

    Metal Polish 16oz

    Metal Polish: A finishing Metal Polish for Polished Aluminum and other smooth metals. Directions: Rub in with Cotton towel until you get the desired finish. This is a "Finishing Polish"

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  • SALE
    Buffing Polish

    Polish 16oz

    Polish should be used every 12 months to remove surface imperfections and to prepare surface for wax. 2 month protection. Contains no abrasives. Removes light scratches. Once your Vehicle gets to be about three years old its a good Idea to polish the...

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  • Deoxidizer is for cars over 10 years old that are oxidized. Recommend using Cherry Wet Wax afterwards. Apply with cotton Applicator or cotton buffing pad.

    Deoxidizer 16oz

    Product Description: Deoxidizer is a Serious Cleaner Wax. Meant to be used on cars over 10 years old. May be used with a buffer. Apply with cotton Wax Applicator, remove with Micro-Fiber Towel. Or buff-out using a Wool-Pad.

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