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Specialty Cleaners

Scuff & Scratch Remover is meant to be used on scuffs and on scratches.

Light Compound.

  • Mud B Gone

    Mudd be Gone

    Mudd Be Gone for the Dirt Racing Community. Does not "Stink" Smells like "Candy" This product was designed to fill a need in the dirt racing community. Keeps Mudd, Dirt, Oil, Rubber and Exhaust Residue from sticking to body panels. Safe for metal,...

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  • Scuff & Scratch Remover 4oz

    Scuff & Scratch Remover is simply a finishing Compound. Removes light scratched and scuff marks. Directions: Use cotton rag. Rub into scratch along the scratch first to cut down the edges then rub across the scratch from all angles to blend in.

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  • Scuff & Scratch Remover.

    Scuff & Scratch Remover 8oz

    Scuff & Scratch remover is a finishing compound that easily removes scratches, keymarks etc. Use cotton rag, dampen lightly, use about a dimes worth of product on rag, rub straight down the scratch first then rub at all angles to finish off the...

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