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Tire Dressing Satin/Wet Look 23oz/Ceramic

Our Tire Dressings are both Waterbase:


Wet Look


Satin Finsh

  • Tire Dressing. (Wet Look)

    Tire Dressing 23oz Wet Look

    TireDressing (Wet Look): Leaves a Wet Look. Wet Look means that the chemical doesn't fully evaporate so there is chemical on the tire. Ussually the younger guys like the Wet Look. Direction: Simply Spray-on and leave it alone. Detailers Tip: May also be...

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  • Tire Dressing 23oz (Satin Finish)

    Tire Dressing #765 is a Waterbase Tire Dressing that leaves a Satin Finish. Will not fling up on fenders. Water evaporates and the dressing obsorbs into the rubber leaving a nice sheen satin finish. Show-Car guys you wont loose points for having chemical...

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  • Wheel Cleaner 23oz

    Product Description: Wheel Cleaner is a non-acidic cleaner, safe for cleaning high-end rims. Will remove Brake-Dust. Directions: Wet Rim/Tire with water. Spray on Wheel Cleaner to all 4 tires. Use a stiff short bristle brush to scrub the tires and a...

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