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Wax Creme 16oz

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Product Description: Wax Creme is a Synthetic wax with no cleaners made for Dark colored vehicles. Wax Creme will give your paint a look of Depth wich is most appreciated on darker colored paint.


Directions: Apply with our Micro-Fiber Wax Applicator, let dry and remove easily with our Micro-Fiber towels. Durability: Should last Approximately 2-3 months, longer if your using our spray waxes.


Show-Car Tip: Layer our Wax Creme and Diamond shine to win "Overall Appearance". Layering is when you apply Synthetic Wax (Wax Creme), then Apply Carnuaba Wax (Diamond Shine) alternately to get an unbelievable overal look. This can only be done with waxes without cleaners. If you try it using cleaner waxes you may get a foggy look that everyone in the Show-Car industry knows is a sign of lower grade wax.